Declutter Before You Move


Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc Will Make Moving Easier for You  As you schedule a move with Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc, consider what you want to declutter before you move. Moving can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. There are dozens of decisions to make: where to live, when to move, how to get there, […]

Moving Estimates and Hidden Costs


Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc Offers Trusted Moving Services   You should understand your moving estimates and hidden costs before your actual move. Moving usually means that you already put up a substantial amount of money to secure a home, whether it is a rental or purchase. Now, getting your items to this place is another […]

We Will Move Anything For You, But Movers Won’t Move That


Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc is Your Local and Long-Distance Mover  While Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc is a full-service moving company, there are certain items that movers won’t move. Packing and moving to a new home can be overwhelming. As a moving company, we are here to help you. Insured and licensed, Clinton’s Transfer […]

Moving Containers vs. Moving Companies


Do Moving Containers Make for a Better Moving Experience? When families or businesses contemplate a move, they have to weigh the benefits and downfalls of moving containers vs. moving companies. Our modern times bring with them innovations, ways to streamline many of the tasks of life. The moving experience is no stranger to these innovations, […]

Tips for Packing Fragile Possessions


The Way You Prepare Them Makes the Difference As a moving company serving people across the New River Valley every day, we understand that packing fragile possessions can be worrisome. Here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage in Blacksburg, VA, we’ve seen time and again how justifiably concerned people can be about their treasures. Packing these […]

What Should Your Moving Day Expectations Be?


You Can Trust Clinton’s Transfer & Storage in Blacksburg, VA You can probably imagine what the ideal move might be like, but in reality, what should your moving day expectations be? Hundreds of thousands of people experience moving days all of the time. According to an article on, 32,252,000 Americans moved in 2018, which […]

How to Save Money While Moving


Why Make Moving More Expensive Than It Has to Be? Everybody wants to save money while moving. There are many different kinds of expenses, whether expected or unexpected, when facing a move to a new location. So, it’s just reasonable for anybody to look to save money where and when they can. According to, […]

Debunking Some Moving and Storage Misconceptions


Let Our Team Set the Record Straight There are many, many moving and storage misconceptions and myths floating around out there. Some people believe that renting a storage unit is unsafe or that hiring a moving company is completely unnecessary. We here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, want to set the […]

Considering Permanent Storage? Check Out What We Offer


The Need for Storage Grows Each Year Thinking about placing personal belongings, business equipment, or other items into long-term or permanent storage? Are you searching for a reliable storage facility? Search no more. Our team here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, has the knowledge and experience to help you! More and […]

Check Out These International Moving Tips


Moving Internationally Can Be Complex and Stressful It can be a complicated process when people move overseas, so it’s always best to check out some international moving tips. These people are ready to begin a complex journey, dotted with regulations, rules, costs, and culture shock. The more they know, the better it will be. Our […]