Moving in a Hurry?


 Trust Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc to Move Your Family Quickly Most people have weeks to prepare for a home move, but what if you are moving in a hurry? At Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc, we are the experts in moving in Southwestern Virginia. Our services include local moving, national moving, and international moving. […]

Declutter Before You Move


Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc Will Make Moving Easier for You  As you schedule a move with Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc, consider what you want to declutter before you move. Moving can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. There are dozens of decisions to make: where to live, when to move, how to get there, […]

Moving Estimates and Hidden Costs


Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc Offers Trusted Moving Services   You should understand your moving estimates and hidden costs before your actual move. Moving usually means that you already put up a substantial amount of money to secure a home, whether it is a rental or purchase. Now, getting your items to this place is another […]

We Will Move Anything For You, But Movers Won’t Move That


Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc is Your Local and Long-Distance Mover  While Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc is a full-service moving company, there are certain items that movers won’t move. Packing and moving to a new home can be overwhelming. As a moving company, we are here to help you. Insured and licensed, Clinton’s Transfer […]

How to Protect and Prepare Your Home for a Move

Preparation and Protection Go a Long Way to a Successful Move Do you know how to protect and prepare your home for a move? When moving household items, preparation is important. You must make sure to prepare everything from your family to your belongings. It’s important to consider many factors before you move. Do you […]

What to look for in a moving company

Be Aware of Certain Factors When Choosing a Moving Service Do you know what to look for in a moving company? There are many important factors to take into account prior to a move. Hiring movers can simplify the entire process. While it may raise the price, it can save you some major aches and […]

Storage with a Full-Service Mover vs. Self-Storage

Each Situation Has its Pros and Cons Prior to moving throughout Blacksburg, VA, everyone debates between using storage with a full-service mover vs. self-storage. Along with relocation, the need for storage service also arises. Many people want to declutter their homes to make it easier to transport things from one place to another. In doing […]

Prepare Kids for Moving

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc. Understands the Emotions of Moving It can be tricky to prepare kids for moving. Even if the change is positive, children in and around Blacksburg, VA, often feel powerless. It’s hard to say goodbye to their old home, friends, and classmates. By preparing your children, moving can go much more […]

Understand Moving Costs


Take the Stress Out of Relocating with Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc. It can be tough to understand moving costs. Have you thought about how much your move to or from Blacksburg, VA, and beyond will cost? If not, you’re not alone. Many factors make up the grand total of the move. Taking the time […]

Proper Box Packing


Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Shares the Importance of Packing Boxes Proper box packing goes a long way to making your upcoming move go as smoothly as possible. Don’t just dump things into a box and leave them alone. It’s imperative to pack contents carefully to protect the items, and so you know what’s in them. […]