Protect Your Possessions – Follow These Tips to Pack Them Securely!

Your Possessions Need Protection During a Move

Every moving situation is unique in any number of ways. A family may move to a new house just a few streets away in the same town, while another family may move to a new city across the state or across the country.

But even among the myriad of differing circumstances surrounding any move, some universal worries do hover above each one. One of these plaguing worries is whether your possessions will arrive at your new home in one piece or in many pieces.

The key to curbing this calamity as much as possible is adhering to proper packing procedures. When you pack your belongings in preparation for our movers, make sure that everything is secure in its proper place.

Follow These Packing Tips and Wrapping Techniques

To help you protect your valuables during a move, whether it is down the road or across the United States, our team at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., has some advice for you. Follow these packing tips and techniques to guard against a horribly sad situation: Opening your boxes at your new home and finding one or more of your treasures in shards and pieces.

First, make sure to pack your boxes tightly, and completely fill them. If you fill your boxes, this will eliminate any open spaces where items can shift, bounce, and ultimately crack or break.

Many people especially worry about their plates during a move. Plates can be heirlooms, passed from one generation to the next. Those plates may have belonged to their mother or their grandmother, so they greatly treasure them. To protect your plates during a move, pack them vertically. This will reduce the risk of them bouncing into each other. Also, as you pack them, place paper plates between each good plate and then wrap a few plates in a bundle.

Many people use plastic totes to pack their belongings for a move. These help protect possessions because they absorb bumps and jostles on the way to your new home. When you pack your plastic totes, however, pack them as if they will be loaded upside down.

These are just a few tips and tricks to help you as you pack your things in preparation for your big move.

Proper Packing Will Help Us Help You During the Move

Our team here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., truly cares about our valued customers, and that means we also care about our customers’ treasures. We want to see your belongings make it to your new home in one piece just as much as you do. We always take proper precautions to make sure we treat all of your stuff gently and with respect, and by following proper packing procedures, including the above tips, you will help us help you during your moving experience.

Obviously, and sadly, the unthinkable sometimes happens. No matter how much care you take in packing and we take in transfer, things will break. But by following these packing techniques and tricks, you will significantly lower the chances of opening a box or a tote upon arrival and finding shattered pieces where a beloved memento used to be.

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., is Your Moving Specialist

People all across Southwestern Virginia turn to Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., for all of their moving needs. We are the moving specialists, handling all kinds of moves and storage situations from our home base in Blacksburg, VA, and outward. Our standard is always hard work, dedication, attention to every single detail, care, respect, and friendly, exemplary customer service. We strive to live up to the standard every single day on every single job. Our team always takes the utmost care to get our customers’ belongings to their new location as safely as possible. We promise to always take every precaution.

Moves can be hectic, stressful times, and our team will always work hard for you to make it as easy an experience as it possibly can be. Depend on us. We are Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc.

For more information on packing tips for your possessions or on our moving services in general, give Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., a call at (540) 552-3201.