Winter Moving Tips

It’s Important to Prepare Prior to Relocating in the Winter

Following winter moving tips are essential to making your move go smoothly in Blacksburg, VA, and surrounding areas. The bone-chilling weather can cause added stress for movers. Relocating in a snowstorm can also be challenging because of snow-covered or icy roads. While sometimes a cold-weather move is unavoidable, you can get by if you prepare. If you are relocating during the bitter cold in Blacksburg, VA, Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc is here to help.

In this month’s blog, we will be discussing cold-weather relocating. First, we will provide winter moving tips to make your move as stress-free as possible. Next, Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc will explain why people move during the cold-weather season. Finally, our team will discuss storage options for cold-weather relocation. Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc has helped residents in and around Blacksburg, VA, move during the cold. We are proud to educate our customers on cold-weather moving.

Follow These Tips to Make Your Cold-Weather Move Go Smoothly

Relocating, in general, can be challenging, especially in the winter. Bad weather, such as snowstorms, can make it even worse. Snow and cold temperatures can be unpredictable, and the last thing anyone needs while they’re moving is bad weather. Sometimes relocating during the winter in Blacksburg, VA, and beyond is unavoidable. If you are about to face a cold-weather move in and around Blacksburg, VA, follow these winter moving tips:

Be Flexible with Scheduling

Flexibility goes a long way in relocating during any time of year. Along with bad weather, logistics issues can also play a factor. If you encounter these problems, call your moving company to reschedule. After all, they don’t want to move during a blizzard any more than you do.

Pack Well in Advance

The sooner you start packing, the easier it will be for everyone. Once you finalize your move, set a schedule to start packing. By doing this, you’ll have everything packed neatly and ready for your move.

Prepare Your Home

Make sure to create a safe environment before loading anything onto the truck. Shoveling snow, cleaning the house, and laying down plastic sheeting to protect your floors will help the movers out.

Take Good Care of Your Movers

Movers work very hard every day. Show your appreciation by preparing coffee, hot cocoa, or apple cider to warm them up. There is no doubt they will appreciate it.

Do You Wonder Why People Move in the Winter?

At first glance, moving in the winter seems like a bad idea. The cold and snowy weather can be incredibly unpredictable. However, plenty of people choose to move in the cold months. While some don’t understand the benefits of relocating in the cold, others appreciate it. The real estate industry considers winter as the slow season. This season is a great time to buy a house because of the low demand.

This season often leads to a buyers’ market. With fewer people buying a home in the cold-weather months comes the likelihood to negotiate better prices for buyers. Moving in the cold-weather months also means lower costs to move. Most companies offer lower prices due to a demand decrease. They also offer flexible schedules during their slow season. While it may seem daunting, relocating during the cold-weather can be easy if you want it to be.

Understand What Storage to Get in the Winter Months

If you need a long-term storage space prior to a cold-weather move, it’s vital to consider climate-controlled units. These units are beneficial if you move during this time of year in Blacksburg, VA, and beyond. Storing your items in a climate-controlled storage unit will preserve their condition and value.


Using a non-climate-controlled unit can risk damage to your possessions from the cold weather of winter. It’s also important to consider a storage facility with great amenities and features. Here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc, we pride ourselves on appropriately protecting your prized possessions.

We Are the New River Valley’s Trusted Moving Company

Here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc. in Blacksburg, VA, we pride ourselves on serving our customers well. Since our inception, we have developed a solid reputation throughout the New River Valley as the trusted moving team.  With our expertise and experience, your wintertime move-in and around Blacksburg, VA, will be in great hands. Our staff will handle your belongings with great care.


No matter where you move to, Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc. is here for you.  Our team can handle residential, commercial, and international moves. Clients from Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Dublin, Pulaski, and beyond have trusted our team. Join our long list of satisfied customers and give us a call today to get your move started right.

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