Avoiding Moving Day Disasters

Planning a Successful Move: Important Tips and Advice

Plan and Prepare for a Successful Move

Planning a successful move may not be as difficult as it sounds. You have packed up your things, said goodbye to your home, and you are ready to hit the open road. No matter if your move is near or far, any move is a big deal. It can be an overwhelming, stressful, and emotional experience. Many people get intimidated by the entire moving process. That is why this month we will be sharing ways that you can avoid moving day disasters from happening. Ensure a smooth transition to your new home with professional advice.


Recruit Help from Family, Friends, or a Professional Moving Company

To be fair, any moving day is bound to be at least a little stressful and hectic. However, recruiting help from family, friends, or a professional moving company can ease the burden. Being surrounded by familiar faces can create some peace of mind on the day of your move. Although this can be a big help, be cautious of the family and friends you recruit. If you plan a “DIY” move and no one shows up the day of, you will be stuck with a lot of items to move with a limited amount of manpower. A company like Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., is dependable and can do just about everything: loading, shipping, unloading, and whatever else you need on your moving day.


Make Special Arrangements Ahead of Time

To avoid moving day disasters, make special arrangements ahead of time. This could mean packaging your very valuable or large items correctly by the time your movers arrive. Make arrangements to have some of your utilities shut off in time and set up at your new home. These utilities may include gas, electric, phone, or internet service.

Prior to moving day, make special arrangements for your children or your pets. Are the kids going to be present on moving day, or will they be staying with a family member? Have you made arrangements with their school if they will be missing any days? What about your pets? Can you board your pet or can they stay with a friend or family member until you are in your new home? You must make these arrangements ahead of time, or else you could cause serious delays in the moving schedule.


Give Yourself Enough Time to Move

Unless you are in the midst of a quick life change, you should be able to provide yourself enough time to move and create a plan that works for you. If you are utilizing a professional moving company, it would be wise to contact the company approximately three to four months before your scheduled move. This way the movers can plan for your needs accordingly on moving day. This will also give you a lot of leeway as well. You will be able to select any moving date you wish, and a moving truck that can fit all of your belongings.

By planning this far in advance, this will allow you enough time to pack your boxes efficiently and safely. Nothing is more important than your precious personal belongings. Allowing yourself extra time to ensure they are safe is always worth it. You can also create a moving checklist for yourself so there is no need to worry if you’re forgetting something. This moving checklist from is an excellent way to organize a complete and successful move.


Research Proper Packing Techniques

Nothing says “moving day disaster” than unpacking a destroyed box of your most valued belongings. While transporting your belongings, the unexpected can always happen, putting your belongings at risk. While packing, ensure each box and item is secure. Before you start packing, research proper packing techniques to avoid any moving day disasters. Here are some starter tips on how to secure your items safely:

Wrap everything fragile in bubble wrap and blankets. Wrapping fragile items in shock-absorbing bubble wrap or blankets can make a difference. Be sure that your item makes it in one piece instead of a million pieces when you reach your destination.

Separate belongings in their own boxes. Having individual boxes for each category of your belongings will make it easier for you to unpack. It will also ensure the protection of your items. For example, if a sharp object is in with some of your expensive electronics, things can scratch or break easily.

Do not move any dangerous substances if utilizing a professional moving company. These substances or items can range from igniters, guns and ammunition, fireworks, yard equipment containing fuel, paint/paint thinners, and much more. Research dangerous substances that you cannot transport prior to moving day to protect yourself, your items, and the professional moving company’s movers.

Label your boxes in detail. By labeling your boxes in detail and knowing exactly what is in each box, this can make your moving day even easier. This will help your movers know what is in them, and how to arrange them for transport.

By understanding proper packing techniques, you can take one more step to protect your belongings and moving day.


Have a Successful Moving Day with Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc.

Whenever you utilize a professional moving company like Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, a successful moving day is within reach. Our professional movers can assist in any way that we can to make your moving day as stress-free as possible. We will treat your personal belongings with care and attention as we transport them to your new home. Trust Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., to avoid moving day disasters.

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