Moving Into Temporary Housing

Ways to Transition Into Temporary Housing


Successfully Transitioning to Temporary Housing

Those who are looking to relocate or travel can utilize temporary housing. It offers flexibility and convenience without the stress and commitment of something permanent. Often, when you move into a house, that is your long-term living situation. However, some expected and unexpected circumstances may force you to be on the move.

As a result, you may feel stuck in a stressful situation. Moving into temporary housing may prove to be an excellent option for the time being. It can be a transitional step to where you go next, to a new job or another phase of life.


Many Reasons for Temporary Housing Services

Many people live in temporary housing for many reasons. Some of the top reasons are:

Getting used to a new city. If you are moving to a new city, you may want to temporarily move there to get a taste of what living there feels like. This can provide the perfect opportunity to find a permanent home for yourself in your new city.

Your new home isn’t ready. If you’ve already sold your old home or moved out of your previous rental, but your new place isn’t move-in ready yet, temporary housing may be the solution to seek.

Your home is getting repairs or renovations. Sometimes, repairs and renovations make it completely impossible to live there while the renovations are underway. Temporary housing can allow you a safe, quiet place to live.

Relocating for work or education. Those who are temporarily living in a location for work or education won’t seek out permanent housing. Temporary housing is flexible and takes a level of stress off of students and employees.


What is Temporary Housing?

There are several temporary housing arrangements to choose from that can fit your needs. They all provide basic living necessities while offering something different in terms of amenities, comfort, and price.

Extended Stay Hotels: Extended stay hotels offer long-term hotel rooms for business travel, relocation, and family vacations. Extended Stay America is one of the most well-known brands for extended stays, with over 600 hotels across the U.S. They offer standard hotel amenities, like free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV, but they bump it up a notch with a full-sized fridge and on-site laundry. Extended stay hotels can vary in price, from inexpensive options to more luxurious accommodations.

Traditional Hotels: Some of those who are relocating will choose to utilize a traditional hotel as their temporary housing solution. This can be a good option if you only need lodging for a few days. However, utilizing traditional hotels long-term can be costly.

Rental Homes and Apartments: In today’s world, there is an abundance of rental homes and apartments ready for temporary lodging. With easy-booking sites like Airbnb, renting a home or apartment for a month or longer has never been easier. If you have a family, rental homes and apartments offer flexibility and the space you want and need.

Once you weigh all of your options against your needs and wants, finding a temporary housing accommodation should be easy and make for a smooth transition.


Packing Smart and Light When Moving Into Temporary Housing

When you are moving into temporary housing, one of the biggest questions is what to take with you. Keep in mind that the place you’re moving to is temporary, so it’s not a good idea to move all of your belongings with you. Take only the essentials with you for the time being. Consider how much time you are anticipating to stay in your temporary home. This will dictate the number of items you will need to take with you.

Consider the space of your new temporary home and how much storage may be available. If you are moving long-distance to a new climate, consider what items you may sell or put into long-term storage. At Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, we offer long-term storage solutions to keep your items safe and secure.


Take Care of Obligations at Your Old Home

There are many things you may not think about before moving into temporary housing. Addressing the items below will ensure a smooth transition to your next home.

Change your address. You will want to file a temporary change of address with the United States Postal Service (USPS). This means that your future mail will be forwarded from your old address to your new temporary address for a period of time you specify. Forwarding mail can go up to six months, but you can extend it up to 12 months later.

Share your new, temporary address. Sharing your new address with your family members and friends is essential for staying in touch (and for drop-in visits!)

Pay any bills, debts, and more. Remember to pay off all house bills, rent, or any other financial obligations you may have acquired before moving out temporarily. This will help ease your mind while you settle into your new temporary home.

Cancel all home-delivery services. Be sure to cancel or update any home-delivery services. You don’t want to be paying for items that are getting delivered to the wrong address! This is also a good time to discontinue any other memberships that are local, including gyms, clubs, and other organizations.


Take Advantage of a Professional Moving Company

Moving, in general, is particularly stressful, but moving into a temporary living assignment adds another layer of stress. Simply knowing that your move is entirely temporary can feel overwhelming. Taking advantage of a professional moving company throughout your entire transition to temporary housing can help. Let the pros ease the burden of moving and allow you to focus on things that matter most.

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, can assist you in any move, whether it is long-distance or just around the corner. We offer dependable storage options in a secure environment to make your transition to temporary housing much easier. You can trust Clinton’s Transfer & Storage for all of your moving needs!

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