Benefits of a Winter Move

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc Offers Year-Round Service

While the peak moving season is late spring through the end of summer, there are several benefits of a winter move. Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc offers year-round packing, moving, and storage assistance. Virginia winters, while cold and snowy, have plenty of days where the weather is perfect for a move. Find out why moving in during the winter months can be advantageous, and save you thousands of dollars. To schedule your move, call us today at (540) 552-3201.


Winter Creates Less Competition for Homes

While the market place is slower in the winter, there are still plenty of options. There are fewer homes for sale, and even fewer buyers. This leads to overall more choices for the buyer, and better pricing options. You are also less likely to get into a bidding war in the current home buying market.


Another benefit is you can also save money on movers. With fewer people buying homes and moving, there is more availability for movers. Many movers offer discounts, and you can take advantage of weekday moving options.


Winter Moving Opens up Your Summers to Enjoy Your Home

When the weather is beautiful, the last thing you want to do is to spend weeks packing up your home. Winter is a great time to get it over with, so you can enjoy the warm weather.  Also moving is strenuous, and you can easily become overheated in the summer. Moving in the winter is a natural coolant. Simply leaving a window open can help prevent heat exhaustion, a genuine concern during the summer months.



For more information on our storage facility, give Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc a call at (540) 552-3201. Follow us on Facebook for updates. We are happy to discuss more about the benefits of a winter move.