Debunking Some Moving and Storage Misconceptions

Let Our Team Set the Record Straight

There are many, many moving and storage misconceptions and myths floating around out there. Some people believe that renting a storage unit is unsafe or that hiring a moving company is completely unnecessary. We here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, want to set the record straight.

According to, around 35.5 million Americans move each year. Statistics on state that 9.4 percent of households in the United States use storage units to hold their belongings. With this large need for both movers and storage units, it helps to clear the air on these less-than-accurate “stories.”

Some Moving Myths, Misconceptions, and Mistakes

Let’s start off by debunking some common, often-told myths and misconceptions about hiring moving companies:

Movers won’t be careful with your possessions.” This, first off, couldn’t be further from the truth. Many moving companies across the country take great care to handle their customers’ belongings cautiously and with respect. More specifically, here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., our team prides itself on being moving experts. We know all of the proper procedures for moving, and we care about your possessions as much as you do. We proceed with care and a high level of skill on every personal or commercial moving job.

A DIY move is better than hiring movers.” Your wallet will thank you for not believing this misconception. At first glance, the concept of a do-it-yourself moving experience may be very tempting. But calculate the actual cost, logistics, and difficulty of a DIY move, especially over long distances. You will realize the multitude of benefits that come with hiring professional movers. When you hire our team, you get everything, all rolled into one package. You get the services of fully-insured, experienced professional movers in a well-maintained moving truck. And best of all, we do the heavy lifting for you!

You don’t have to organize or label your boxes.” Please think this one through. Disorganization, confusion, and haphazardly halfhearted effort is never good in any situation, and this includes your moving experience. Organizing your packing endeavor and labeling your boxes will help our team know exactly what room they go to in your new home or office. It will also benefit you and make unpacking less stressful, as you will know where everything is.

No matter what, something always gets broken in a move.” We’re not going to say that nothing will ever break during a moving experience. Accidents do happen, but with our experienced team at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., they are few and far between. We understand and utilize the most effective procedures for moving your furniture, your boxes, and everything else that you own. And if, by the smallest chance, the worst does happen, we are a fully-insured moving company.

All boxes are equal for packing purposes.” We hold this truth to be self-evident: all boxes are not created equal. Using old boxes from your family, friends, or the local grocery store will likely cause some headaches during your move. We’ve seen it happen too many times. Flimsy boxes won’t hold up to the demands of packing, transit, and unpacking. Make sure to obtain sturdy boxes built for packing and moving.

Common Storage Stories Debunked

Next, let’s discuss and debunk some of the commonly-held misconceptions and myths about storage:

Storage units aren’t very secure.” You’ve probably heard this one again and again. And this may be true at some “fly-by-night” storage facilities. But at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., our storage facility is very secure. We pride ourselves on keeping your belongings well-protected.

Storage units are only for hoarders.” Does renting a storage unit mean you are a hoarder, unable to get rid of things you don’t need? Not at all. There are countless reasons for using a storage unit. Some include storing items that won’t fit into your new house, making more room in your current home or office. You might store things you hope to sell or donate later. If you await a baby’s arrival or will send your recent graduate away to college, storage units can be invaluable. Renting one is not a gateway to hoarding.

I’ll just keep it all in my garage or shed.” Don’t make this mistake. You may think that since your garage or your shed is in close proximity to your home or business, your belongings will be better off there. Remember, however, that a storage unit is secure and not subject to foot traffic and daily use like a garage or a shed. In all reality, your belongings are more likely to suffer damage in those two places. Besides, where will you keep your vehicle, motorcycle, snowblower, or tractor if you fill the garage or shed with possessions?

Here’s the Truth: You Can Trust Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc.

Now that we have debunked some of these moving and storage misconceptions and myths for you, it’s time to contact us! You can trust our team here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc. We have the expertise to give you the best moving and storage service possible. We pride ourselves on serving countless satisfied customers throughout Virginia’s New River Valley, and we can’t wait to serve you. Your belongings are our business, and we always take great care with them.

Call Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., at (540) 552-3201. For more updates, follow us on Facebook. Trust us for all of your needs, and don’t believe all of the moving and storage misconceptions.