Declutter Before You Move

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc Will Make Moving Easier for You 

As you schedule a move with Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc, consider what you want to declutter before you move. Moving can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. There are dozens of decisions to make: where to live, when to move, how to get there, and even what to take. Moving is a great time to reconsider what you have. Do you need to upgrade items or declutter your life? Now is the time. Contact us online or call us at (540) 552-3201 to book your move today! 

You can host a yard sale, sell your items online, donate them to a shelter, or even toss them in the trash, if necessary. If you need some ideas what to reconsider before moving, here are some suggestions: 


When was the last time that you purged your closet? We all have those items that we haven’t touched in years. You know, the items that would work for that one occasion that never comes up? Save room on the moving truck and in your new closet and get rid of anything that you don’t regularly use. These are great items to donate to those in need. 

Bathroom Items

There is a good chance that half of what is currently in your bathroom cabinets is most likely out of date. Most of these items — nail polishes, cleaners, hair sprays, medications, and more — are not allowed on the moving truck. (Check out our August blog to see what other moving restrictions that there may be.) Save room in your car by decluttering. Only pack your necessary medication and buy fresh items once you move. This way, you can take only what you need and not have bottles of unused items sitting under your sink unused.

Older Electronics and Appliances

If you have been debating on upgrading your television, washing machine, microwave, or other appliances, now is a great time. Big items take up more room in the moving truck and are cumbersome to move. Why go through the hassle, only to replace them in a few months? 

Toys and Baby Items

Kids accumulate a lot of stuff. They also go through phases and outgrow things quickly. Rethink bringing along anything they have outgrown or that is broken or not regularly played with. Get the kids involved in decluttering. Let them choose what toys they want to pack and are willing to part with.  

For more information on the moving process, give Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc a call at (540) 552-3201. Follow us on Facebook for updates. We are happy to discuss more about what to declutter before you move.