Hiring Professional Movers Vs. DIY: What Should You Do?

You Can Just Call Up Your Buddies to Help You Move, Right?

Whether it is to start a new job, to fulfill a desire for new scenery and new experiences, or for a vast number of other reasons, people move. With an impending moving experience, there is also the need to transfer their belongings to their new destination. That destination could be three streets across town or three states to the west, but they need to move their stuff. But is it necessary to hire professional movers for the task?

It may not, at first, seem like an essential expense. “I’ll just move myself,” they say. “I’ll call up some buddies. We can borrow a truck and carry out my couch and tables. I’ll save loads of money!” Sounds simple, right?

There are many important things to take into consideration when moving, and when some people finally realize that, it may be too late. DIY moves could be a costly and hard lesson to learn. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it is better for you to hire a professional moving company, like Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, instead of handling a move yourself.

We are Professionals Movers; It’s What We Do

There are a wide variety of benefits that come with hiring a professional moving company like Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc. We always far surpass the work that people receive by asking their relatives or buddies to help with their move. With us, you will get a full team of professionals with years of experience in the best methods to move your furniture, your piano, and your possessions. We also have the proper equipment and well-maintained trucks to safely and securely handle moving your things to your new home. That means no worries about your best friend’s beat-up pick-up breaking down half-way to the destination, loaded down with bed frames, mattresses, and more. The right professional movers are fast and efficient.

On top of that experience and knowledge, as well as using the right equipment, professional movers are reliable. We will get there on time on the scheduled day, armed with a well-developed plan to get the belongings from the old house to the new house. Look, we’re not saying anything about your friends and relatives, but sometimes, when you start asking for someone to help you move, people suddenly have “things to do” that day, and your choices get slimmer and slimmer.

Experience, expertise, reliability, and the proper equipment to do the job right way: That’s what people get they hire a professional moving company.

Ensuring Safety for You and Security for Your Possessions

The benefits don’t end there, though. Hiring professional movers can also ensure your safety and significantly lessen the dangers to your valuable possessions.

Just think about it: No heavy lifting. When hiring a professional moving company such as Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., we will come right into your old home and move the couch, the piano, the washer and dryer, and the curio cabinet directly from their spots. We then safely place them into our truck, and we will set them right into their new position in your new home. There will be no stress or strain on your back. And honestly, Uncle Ed may be hilarious at the annual family reunion, but there will be no more worrying about him dropping the refrigerator on your cousin’s toe.

Alongside that implicit safety, professional movers can promise a level of security for your possessions that doesn’t come with a DIY moving job. As we’ve already mentioned, we would arrive in a timely manner with a professional moving plan. Within that plan is an inventory process to make sure we can account for every box, every appliance, and every treasure. Our movers intricately understand all of the proper methods of transferring our customers’ goods, and there is a built-in accountability with a professional moving company. That sense of accountability really isn’t there with friends and family. We are also insured, which will give you peace of mind.

No Hassles or Headaches with the Right Professional Moving Company

Moving, whether it is across town or across the nation, is a stressful situation. Why add on to the stress by trusting friends and relatives do who mean well, but don’t have the experience, knowledge, accountability, or insurance to provide a proper moving experience. They will be there for you, but they may bring with them avoidable headaches and hassles.

How can you avoid those headaches and hassles? Trust a professional moving company like Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., and let us do the job. We understand that people may look at the initial cost of hiring movers and decide to do it themselves. But it could cost them so much more in the long run, when their buddy drops their 70-inch smart TV or their brother accidentally damages their prized grand piano.

Eliminate those possibilities right away, and hire professional movers. DIY may be good for mowing your lawn or building a fire pit, but trust your moving experience to the experts.

Call Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., to Schedule a Move Today

In Virginia’s New River Valley, the smart choice for a professional moving company is Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc. We pride ourselves on offering the best moving experience possible whether people are moving from Blacksburg to Christiansburg, across the state of Virginia, or to the other coast of the United States. Clinton’s Transfer & Storage is your hometown moving company. We will be there on time with that well-developed plan to move your belongings effectively and efficiently.

Call us early! We want to help, but we can’t do that on a week’s notice. Moving is so much more than just haphazardly throwing some stuff in a box and then throwing that box into a truck. Make sure to get in contact with us as soon as you know that you will be moving, so we can get everything ready to give you the moving experience you deserve.

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