Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., Has the Answers

There are many questions that arise when it comes to the moving experience. There are a lot of “if’s,” “when’s,” and “what to dos” to sort through. Even if you’ve moved before, it can still be overwhelming as you try to understand everything about the upcoming move.

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, is the New River Valley’s moving authority, and we always want to make the moving experience as easy as possible for every customer. With that goal in mind, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about moving. Our expert team will answer them for you, so you can approach your move with confidence.

How Do I Choose a Moving Company?

First of all, people preparing for a move have to choose a moving company to hire. There are many “professional” moving companies out there, but know that they are not all equal in their quality of work and dependability. Look for reviews online in your area, and ask around. “Word-of-mouth” is still a great way to find a good moving company. When you’ve boiled the list down, find out what services those movers offer, and if they offer what you need. Do a little more research, find out if the movers carry the proper licenses and insurance, and check up on them on sites like the Better Business Bureau. Don’t just pick one out of the phone book and hope for the best. Your possessions depend on a good choice.

In Virginia’s New River Valley, always make the smart choice, and call us at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc. Fully licensed and insured, we pride ourselves on offering the best moving services in our region. Our customers can fully trust our truly professional team to move their belongings with care and respect.

What is the Difference Between “Intrastate” and “Interstate” Moving?

The quick, simple answer? “Intrastate” means moving within your current state, and “interstate” means moving across at least one state line. As basic as those definitions sound, there are significant differences between both that customers must understand. While some states don’t regulate intrastate moving, Virginia does regulate it. It is imperative that our customers understand what the state expects from them, so here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., we will make sure that we cover everything. You never have to worry about any unwanted surprises.

When it comes to interstate moving, agencies inside the United States Department of Transportation regulate the move. Once again, our team of expert movers will advise our customers concerning these regulations and their particular situations from the very beginning of their moving experiences.

How Do I Obtain an Estimate?

When inquiring about hiring a professional moving company, ask them to give you an estimate. Tell them where you are going and when you have to be there. Ask them to explain their estimate and to give you a written copy. The cost of moving boils down to the weight of your possessions combined with the distance of the move. The movers will then add on any other services that you may require. There are three types of estimates they may give you: Binding, non-binding, and not-to-exceed. Make sure to exactly know which one you have.

Movers must base their estimate on a physical survey of the customer’s belongings if the possessions are within a 50-mile radius of the moving company’s location. But in any case, a physical survey will be much better than an estimate given over the phone or Internet. The customer may formally waive a physical survey, but unless there are circumstances such as a tight time constraint or if you are only shipping a few belongings, don’t waive the physical survey.

Do I Need to Pay a Deposit on My Move?

Generally, professional movers don’t require a deposit on a move. Even if they do, it is a very small deposit, something like a “good faith” payment. If your movers inform you that they require a fairly large deposit prior to moving you, find another moving company. Regulations don’t allow movers to require “up-front” payments prior to moves. Payment is always due upon delivery when your belongings arrive at your home.

What is the Best Time to Move?

Many times, there is no flexibility in when a customer has to move. They have a new job they must start, or they must be in their new house by a certain day. However, if there is any flexibility in determining the moving date, try to avoid summertime or the end of any month. These are usually the busiest times for movers.

What Information Should I Receive From My Movers?

Any reputable professional moving company will give you all of the information that you need to complete your move and will inform you of any issues that arise during the entire moving process. Also, if you are moving across state lines, federal law requires that the movers give you two brochures: “Ready to Move” and “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” Make sure you obtain these from your moving company.

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., is Your Moving Authority

Those are a few frequently asked questions about moving, but they are certainly not the only questions that may arise. If you have any other questions, please call our expert team at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc. We work closely with our customers to make sure their moving experience is as easy and hassle-free as possible. We pride ourselves on offering the best moving services in Virginia’s New River Valley. Whether you are moving across Radford, VA, or across the country, Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., will be there for you. We are your hometown movers. Trust us with your move.

Do you have any other questions about moving? Call Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., at (540) 552-3201. For more updates, follow us on Facebook, and check out the rest of our website.