How to Protect and Prepare Your Home for a Move

Preparation and Protection Go a Long Way to a Successful Move

Do you know how to protect and prepare your home for a move? When moving household items, preparation is important. You must make sure to prepare everything from your family to your belongings. It’s important to consider many factors before you move. Do you know what factors to consider? If not, don’t worry; Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc is here to answer that question for Blacksburg, VA, residents.

This month, we will explain how to protect and prepare your home for a move. Clintons Transfer & Storage Inc will first explain protection measures to take. Then, we will provide preparation methods to keep in mind. Since our inception, we have developed a strong reputation as the trusted movers in Blacksburg, VA. Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc proudly educates clients about how to protect and prepare your home for a move.

Learn How to Protect Your House for Moving

What’s the first thing you think of when moving? There is a good chance your mind jumps to lifting and carrying heavy furniture and boxes. These tasks will take an inevitable toll on your body. No matter what, there is always a chance of damage to your house when moving. It’s important to consider how to protect your home from damage. Putting the following protection measures in place can make moving go much smoother:

Protect the Floor

Using floor runners can prevent slipping, and using a blanket can protect the floor from any damage.

Dismantle Large Furniture

Disassembling all large furniture pieces prior to moving will ensure no damage to doors, walls, and floors during the move.

Pad and Wrap Large Furniture Pieces

After dismantling any large furniture pieces, protect them by wrapping them in blankets and padding.

Remove Doors

Briefly removing doors can make transporting large furniture, big boxes, and appliances easier. Door removal can also ensure your possessions are properly protected.

Throw Away Unwanted Items

Getting rid of old items that you no longer need can save time and money. From books to clothes and furniture, be sure to sort them out prior to moving.

You can move household items quickly by hiring professional movers in Blacksburg, VA. Even though you can move your items independently, hiring movers can save time, money, and stress. They have the experience, skills, and tools to handle your things properly. Make sure to research to recruit the best movers in Blacksburg, VA.

Learn How to Prepare Your Home for an Upcoming Move

There are many essential things to take care of before relocating. Among them all, preparation is the most laborious and consequential task. Preparing the right way will not only ensure a successful move, but also sell your property at a considerable profit. Let’s dive into five preparation tasks to consider before you start relocating:

Take Inventory of Your Home

Deciding what to take to your new house, what to sell, and what to throw away is almost impossible. Having a moving inventory can help you figure this out. You can use a notebook or any convenient moving apps to create your inventory list.

Declutter Your Home

Taking the time to purge through your house for items you no longer need or want can save you a lot of stress. Clean out storage areas, closets, kitchens, cabinets, etc., to make room around your house. You can then sell or donate these items to charity.

Prepare Your Home for Movers

The better prepared your house is for the move, the easier it will be for the movers. It’s essential to set aside important items, so the movers know what not to take on the truck. Take precautionary measures to protect your house from property damage, such as covering floors, stairs, and walls. Remove any obstacles that are in the way of the movers to ensure a safe route out of your property.

Triple Check Everything

Perform a final inspection to make sure nothing is left behind. Doing this can also ensure the perfect condition of your old property to make certain a complete sale. You can never check too many times when going through a relocation.

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc Can Handle Your Upcoming Move

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