How to Save Money While Moving

Why Make Moving More Expensive Than It Has to Be?

Everybody wants to save money while moving. There are many different kinds of expenses, whether expected or unexpected, when facing a move to a new location. So, it’s just reasonable for anybody to look to save money where and when they can. According to, the average cost of a local move is $1,250, while the average cost of a long-distance move is $4,890. While some people may have that in their wallet right now, we will guess that the average person doesn’t. In fact, we can imagine that would be a major expense for you.

Here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage in Blacksburg, VA, we care about our neighbors throughout the New River Valley. It can be stressful, formidable, and, frankly, sometimes overwhelming when you are moving your family or your business. We want to make moving as easy as possible for you. There is a lot to think about and mull over. Why make it more expensive than it has to be, too? With that in mind, our team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals offers you these tips on how to save money while moving.

Look to Your Possessions, Furniture, and Appliances

First, let’s consider the actual items in your home or business. It can be overwhelming to think about the price of moving all of those objects, pieces of furniture, and appliances. However, how much of it do you really need or use? One way to save money – and maybe make some, too – is to decide what is important and necessary, and sell the rest. There will be some easy decisions, such as an old PC taking up space in your storage room. Why waste money moving that? However, once the easy choices are out of the way, it may become a little more difficult for you. That old rocking chair may have belonged to your grandmother, but is it worth it to you to take it? This decluttering process may produce some hard decisions, but it will definitely save you money.

So, what do you do when you’ve narrowed what to take? Sell or donate your unwanted items. Have a yard sale, or sell those items online. However, make sure those items work or are in good condition. You don’t want your dilapidated junk; why would someone else? Another option is to donate the items to a charity. You can even request an itemized receipt. This enables you to write off the donation on your taxes.

Don’t forget about your perishables. It may be appealing to go out to eat multiple times leading up to your move, but use up all of that food in your refrigerator and freezer. If your kitchen is in too much of a jumble to prepare a meal, consider cheaper takeout options. Those restaurant checks can quickly add up. Don’t pack any leftover food, either. Donate anything non-perishable to your local food bank.

Preparing for Your Moving Experience

What else can you do to save money while moving? When the time comes to start preparing and packing, pack yourself! This is one of the best ways to save money. It will take the movers much less time to move you if you’re all packed up and ready to go when they come. Also, use what is handy to pack. Now, here’s a caveat: Don’t use any old box to pack up your things for the sake of savings. If it is broken, tattered, or in any disarray, throw it out. What good would it be to save money by using a battered box, and find damaged items when you arrive? But if you know a move is in your near future, save up your good boxes! You can also find good packing materials around your home or business. Use kitchen towels to separate your plates. Wrap your glassware in old (clean!) socks. There are a multitude of money-saving solutions around your home, if you use just a little ingenuity.

Another money-saving tip concerns scheduling. If it is at all possible, avoid moving during the peak moving season of May through September. You will have a much-easier time scheduling the movers, and you can benefit from off-season rates.

Remember: This is not a comprehensive list. There are many things you can do, if you get creative, to lighten the financial load of moving.

Hire the Right Moving Company

Another great way to save money while moving is to hire the right moving company. You may initially think, “This company has the cheapest rates. They have to be the best one!” That is not true. Many times, when you settle for the cheapest moving company, you will pay for it in the long run. An unprofessional moving company may take much longer to move your possessions. And when they finally get to your destination, who knows what damage and chaos you might find? You want an expert, experienced, and professional moving company.

The New River Valley’s Moving Specialists

In Virginia’s New River Valley, that professional moving company is Clinton’s Transfer & Storage. We can handle any move, whether it be a residential move, a commercial move, or even a long-distance or international move. Whether you are in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, or anywhere across the New River Valley, we are here for you. Our team has the expertise and experience to move your possessions safely and efficiently. And we offer the best customer service in the area. When it is time to move across the street, across Virginia, or across the United States, you can count on Clinton’s Transfer & Storage.

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