Know What to Consider When Moving School Age Children

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When you decide to move your family there are things to take into consideration when moving school age children. Moving is an exciting and stressful time and can affect each member of your family differently. Parents are the ones making the decision for various reasons, and the youngest may not quite understand what is happening. However, school age kids can be hit the hardest by moving. Whether you move locally or long distance, contact Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc. at (540) 552-3201 to schedule your move.



Summer Moves Are Easier on School Age Children

Once kids start going to school and joining team activities, they start creating family extensions. Whether they are moving across town or across the country, moving causes a disruption in their routines and relationships. If you are considering moving, it is important to consider your kids feelings and well being. The onset of summer is the least chaotic time for moving because school’s out and most activities are over. A summer move allows school age kids time to adjust to a new area before school starts.



Follow These Tips to Make the Move Easier on Kids

When you decide you are going to move, there are steps that help make it easier on your kids. Sharing information with your kids in an age-appropriate way can help ease their concerns. This makes it a more pleasant experience for all involved. Things you can do to help your school age child are:



Tell Them Early

The move should not be a surprise to your children. Give them time to acclimate to the idea of a move and what it means for them. Also, discuss all the positives that come with the move. Maybe they are moving closer to family, or will get their own room. Help the kids feel excited about the big change.



Understand Their Concerns

Compassion goes a long way. Letting your child know, especially teens, that you understand their concerns, frustrations, and even anger can open a dialogue. Having an open dialogue can ensure you are getting the reason for the move across to them.



Make Them Feel Involved

The decision to move is not one the child gets to make. Where they live, changing schools, and even if they have to share a room, is not in their control. Getting them involved in different ways can help them feel like they have a voice. Whether bringing them on a walk-through or letting them choose their room’s color, being involved can make them more comfortable.



Document Memories Now and Let Them Know Friendships Can Continue

In this day and age it is easier than ever to stay in contact with old friends. While they may not see their friends every day, let your kid know that they can still talk with them. Take pictures of your kids’ friends and favorite places to go. Get phone numbers and set up times for them to talk with friends. If the move is not far, set up a future meet-up.



Pack Their Bedroom Last and Unpack it First

The bedroom is a sanctuary for more kids. It is a spot that is the most comforting to them. We advise packing up their room last and setting it up first. Doing so creates the least amount of time they don’t have that comfort.



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