Steps to Take After Your Move

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Even after you buy your home, there are still several steps to take after your move. It probably took months of searching and going through the home buying process and you’re exhausted. However, you are only in the home stretch of the moving process. Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc has helped thousands of people move and has some tips for after you move-in. If you need assistance with your move, whether it’s packing, moving, or storage, give us a call at (540) 552-3201.



Walk Through and Inspect Your Home

Whether you are renting or you bought your home, before you unpack, do a walk through. Take note of any damage or changes made. If you bought the home, make a list of repairs you want to make. If you are renting, take photos of each room, and close ups of any damage. Let your landlord know of the damage, and keep those photos for when you move out.



Thoroughly Check Your Items for Damage

If you use a moving company, make sure you thoroughly check all your items. Many companies have a set window for you to report any damage or missing items. Most moving companies understand it can take a while to unpack after a move. However, make sure you know your allotted timeline to submit any damages. If they move electronics or appliances, plug them in. Make sure they are in the same working condition as when you left your previous home. If you notice any problems, contact the moving company right away.



Set Up Utilities in Your New Residence

You don’t want to spend a night without electricity or running water. If you are able to set up utilities on the day you move in, please do so. If in all the chaos of moving that wasn’t done, contact all the necessary utilities and schedule that right away.



Clean and Disinfect Your Home Before Setting Up Furniture

While you may want to start unpacking and start setting up your home, first take time to clean. We all hope the last owners/renters took time cleaning after they left. You are never sure. It is best for your health and safety to properly clean each room before getting comfortable.



Secure Your New Home with New Locks

If your new home is one you now own, we strongly recommend changing your locks. While the previous owners gave you the keys, you can’t be sure there are no other keys out there. Changing your locks and setting up a home security system can secure your new home.



Update Your Address on Important Documents

It is important to make a list of every place you need to change your address. Contact any company you receive a bill, magazine or delivery from. You may also want to stop at the DMV to change your license. In many cases, they will also help you change your voter registration as well. You can update the Post Office online to forward any remaining mail to your new address.



Make Sure Children Are Set Up in the New Home

If you have children and haven’t looked into schools, daycares, doctors, etc. now is the time to do that. Contact each institution to make sure they have the required information and release forms. It is a good idea to also set up appointments to meet with new doctors, caretakers and schools if available.


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