Moving Containers vs. Moving Companies

Do Moving Containers Make for a Better Moving Experience?

When families or businesses contemplate a move, they have to weigh the benefits and downfalls of moving containers vs. moving companies. Our modern times bring with them innovations, ways to streamline many of the tasks of life. The moving experience is no stranger to these innovations, too.

One of these innovations, for better or worse, is the moving container. More recently, people making moves have moved away from full-service moving companies in favor of these DIY options. Those who choose these containers tout their convenience and lower cost. But do these moving containers really make for a better experience? Will they help you move or hinder your effort?

Rely on Our Experienced Team

Our team here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, cares about our neighbors throughout Virginia’s New River Valley. This means we want to make your moving experience as easy and as successful as possible. We don’t want it to be a stressful time, full of avoidable headaches. To that end, let’s discuss moving containers vs. moving companies to see which one is right for your family or your business. Remember, “convenience” doesn’t always equal “less stress.”

What are Moving Containers?

First, however, let’s get an understanding about what we are discussing. What exactly are moving containers? Moving containers, also known by the brand-name “PODS” or “Portable On Demand Storage,” are steel crates in different sizes. As you prepare for a move, a moving container rental company will drop the container off at your home or business. You pack at the container at your convenience and in your own time. When you are ready to move, the company returns and transports it to your new location. The whole process, from time to action, depends on you and your family, your friends, or your employees.

People promote “ease” and “convenience” as some of the top benefits of moving containers. With a container, they can pack their belongings when they want or “have the time.” Moving containers are also less of an expense than hiring a full-service moving company. The website estimates that using a moving container costs a fourth of the price of a moving company for an interstate move. These containers can also be used as storage if you can’t move those possessions in right away. Whether it is before the move, during the move, or immediately after, moving containers can hold your belongings on your property. The rental company can also transport the container to its storage facility.

What are the Downfalls of Moving Containers vs. Moving Companies?

On the surface, these facts about moving containers sound great. Who doesn’t love a “convenient” option that saves money? There are, however, built-in downfalls connected with these so-called benefits.

1. ‘Convenience’

First, you can pack your belongings at your convenience. This means that you must pack your belongings. A DIY move is still a DIY move. You and those you recruit will carry the loads into the container. With that, do you have the expertise to load that moving container? What we mean is, do you know how to best pack your belongings to travel well? The possibility exists that your possessions may break due to a poor packing and stacking procedure.

2. ‘Time Schedule’

Another “benefit” of moving containers is working on your own schedule. This can be a downfall, too. Be honest with yourself; are you a procrastinator? Do you need a deadline to motivate yourself? Will you be vigilant about packing that moving container, or will you put off the work in favor of other tasks?

3. ‘Storage’

But they can also provide storage, right? Think about this scenario. On either your former or new property, do you have adequate room to store a steel container? Weighty items like a storage POD could create dings or divots in the pavement of whatever ‘parking space’ it uses. Another concern becomes does the rental company have the space to store your moving container? There are quite a few “ifs” that come into play with a DIY moving experience.

Why Should You Choose a Full-Service Moving Company?

When faced with the choice of moving containers vs. moving companies, it now seems obvious that a full-service moving company is the right choice. Sure, you may pay more. But, as in all things, you get what you pay for. With a full-service moving company like Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., you hire the services of moving experts. You have professionals who know how to pack a truck safely.

These professionals know how to safely deliver and unload your belongings. Your family, friends, and acquaintances won’t have to worry about you “guilting” them into helping. There will be no heavy lifting to worry about. Our experts understand the logistics of a move, whether it is across town or across the United States. This will eliminate a great deal of stress and ease any headaches. Your best bet for your moving experience, personal or business, is hiring a full-service moving company.

We are the New River Valley’s Moving Experts

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., is the smart choice for a full-service moving company in Virginia’s New River Valley. We are the moving experts for Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Dublin, Pulaski, and the entire area. We have the expertise and experience to successfully and safely complete your move, around the block or across Virginia. We can even handle international moves!

When it comes to moving containers vs. moving companies, Clinton’s Transfer & Storage wins, hands down. Let our team make your moving experience as pleasant as possible. Trust us for all of your moving needs.

For more information or to schedule your move, call Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, today at (540) 552-3201. Like us on Facebook for any updates or all things moving-related. Our team at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., is the clear choice when considering moving containers vs. moving companies.