Tips for Packing Fragile Possessions

The Way You Prepare Them Makes the Difference

As a moving company serving people across the New River Valley every day, we understand that packing fragile possessions can be worrisome. Here at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage in Blacksburg, VA, we’ve seen time and again how justifiably concerned people can be about their treasures. Packing these precious valuables can be a headache at best and, at worst, a nightmare.

When you hire Clinton’s Transfer & Storage to move you, we assure you that we will handle all of your possessions with the utmost care. In the interest of added protection, however, we want to offer you a few tips on packing your fragile possessions. The way you prepare them for your moving experience makes the difference. Will they arrive in perfect condition, or will they arrive in pieces? This month, let’s talk about the proper way to pack your fragile, cherished treasures.

Start Right When Packing Your Fragile Possessions

Before you even start packing up, advises that you inventory all of your glassware, dinnerware, and other fragile possessions. Take photos, and write down exactly what you own. Make notations of any existing damage, such as chips or scratches. This list and photos will help you if some damage does occur in transit.

When you begin to pack those fragile possessions, start right. Never put those treasured items – or anything, really – in flimsy, broken, and tattered boxes. Those fragile items will need sturdy support. Also, don’t allow for too much room inside of those boxes. The more that items shift in transit, the more opportunity there is for them to break or crack. Fill any extra space in boxes with padding, such as bubble wrap. Make sure to also secure the bottom of the boxes as much as you can with extra tape. You can also layer the bottom of the boxes with a softer packing material to cushion your fragile pieces. Most importantly, clearly label each of the boxes as “fragile.” This will help the moving company to know how much care to use while loading and unloading.

That’s a Wrap … Literally

Now that you’ve prepared your boxes, let’s discuss the best ways to pack them up. First off, make certain that you pack the heaviest items on the bottom of the boxes. This will create a supportive base while the boxes are in the moving truck. This will also keep your smaller items from smashing together.

Wrap up every individual, fragile item in bubble wrap, and secure the wrap with tape. Remove any loose pieces, such as lids, and separately wrap those, as well. Take your time when doing this, which means this shouldn’t be a job left for minutes before the moving company arrives. To help with secure transit, make certain to fill any hollow spaces in glasses, stemware, and other items with packing paper or bubble wrap. Inside the boxes, divide your fragile possessions with cardboard, kitchen towels, or other materials to keep them from striking together. Remember that, while you don’t want to leave too much space for items to shift, you also don’t want to over-pack the boxes. The more weight pressing down on your possessions, the more chance there will be to damage them. Use your better judgment here.

As well, prepare for unpacking these fragile possessions. Keep good notes on where everything is and where it needs to go. This will help the moving company, but it will also help you after the move to avoid damaging these items during the long unpacking process.

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