Check Out These International Moving Tips

Moving Internationally Can Be Complex and Stressful

It can be a complicated process when people move overseas, so it’s always best to check out some international moving tips. These people are ready to begin a complex journey, dotted with regulations, rules, costs, and culture shock. The more they know, the better it will be.

Our movers at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., in Blacksburg, VA, pride ourselves on making any moving experience easier and less stressful. With that in mind this month, we want to offer you some tips and advice on international moving.

Make Sure to Research Your Move Well in Advance

The first, very important international moving tip we can give you is to make sure to research your move well in advance. There are many rules and regulations that govern international moving. This is true both on this side in the United States and in the other country. It pays to know exactly what you need to do and what you need to have with you. Any surprise you may encounter during an international move is not going to be a good surprise. You don’t want these kind of surprises.

With that in mind, please remember that this is not, by any means, a comprehensive list of what you need to know to move internationally. Research, research, and research again all of the particular ins, outs, and intricacies of your move. For example, many countries prohibit certain items from crossing their borders. Make sure to know what they are before you pack your possessions.

As well, there are many documents you must have in place prior to your international move. The Federal Maritime Commission offers a checklist of important documents to have in place for your move, including receipts, insurance papers, and customs documents.

Work with an expert on your visa application and other necessary paperwork. Obtain a number of copies of your official documents, too. Leave some of these copies with a trusted family member or friend, in case of an emergency.

If you plan to take your vehicle with you, research regulations for that, too. Your car, truck, or SUV will probably need to pass the country’s specific safety standards and require special documents before you can drive it there. You may also have to pass a driver’s test. Some countries will honor your current driver’s license, but some will not.

Proper Packing Pays Off

Packing for any move can be stressful, but packing for an international move can be exponentially more so. This is exactly why you need to make a plan, and stick by it. The first step is to pack as lightly as you possibly can. Take only those possessions you need to pack. Leave anything replaceable and anything unnecessary. For example, if your international moving takes you to Fiji or Samoa, you will probably not need that heavy winter ski coat or your snow boots. Packing lightly can save you from huge shipping costs and customs duties and taxes.

On the subject of customs, take the proper steps to make sure your possessions cross the border as smoothly as they can. List everything you pack in detail, so the customs officials can know exactly what you are bringing. This may help the process move a little faster. Pack them in an orderly fashion, too. The easier the inspection goes, the easier the customs experience is for everyone.

Don’t pack anything of financial or great sentimental value, such as stocks, bonds, Grandma’s necklace, or your wedding photos. Carry these with you during the move. And speaking of sentimental value, remember to bring a little bit of “home” to your new home. This can make the transition to a new house in a new country in a new culture a little easier.

As we mentioned before, you will not need everything when you move internationally. What can you do with your leftover possessions? You can sell them, either online or in a yard sale, give them to your friends, or donate them to a charitable organization.

Most of all, let our team at Clinton’s Transfer & Storage, Inc., work with you during your packing experience. We are experts in international moving, and we can help you navigate all of the complexities you may face as you prepare to move to another country.

Make Yourself at Home

One thing you must consider as you move internationally is that this country, either temporarily or permanently, is your new home. Embrace it. Learn the culture. This will make you feel a little more at ease in your day-to-day life, as well as keep you from insulting those around you. Residents of other countries may frown upon things we always do without thinking here in the United States. The learning process may take awhile, but it will be worth it.

Learn the language. A lot of people around the world speak English as their native language or even as a second language. So in many countries, you may be able to get by with English. But learning the native language will help you acclimate yourself to your new surroundings and endear yourself to your new neighbors. Remember, you are the newcomer, and as the saying goes: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

As you learn the language and the culture, get out and meet new people and make new friends. No man or woman is an island, but living in a new country can draw some people into isolation. Make every effort possible to embrace your new surroundings. Doing this will soon make this new adventure feel more and more like home.

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