Prepare Kids for Moving

Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc. Understands the Emotions of Moving

It can be tricky to prepare kids for moving. Even if the change is positive, children in and around Blacksburg, VA, often feel powerless. It’s hard to say goodbye to their old home, friends, and classmates. By preparing your children, moving can go much more smoothly. This month, Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc offers tips to help you prepare kids for moving.

First, we will explain the process of breaking the news to them. Next, we will show you how to navigate through the process of “saying goodbye.” Finally, we will explain how to handle the transition process. Clinton’s Transfer & Storage Inc is here to help you prepare kids for moving.

Break The News as Early as Possible

Children always love being involved, and the news of an upcoming move can make them feel excluded. Children may ask, “How long have you known about this?” Children don’t want to feel like you’ve been keeping secrets from them, so it’s best to tell them early.

It’s best to tell toddlers and young children about the move a month ahead of time. Older children can know sooner than that. Breaking the news early shows consideration and gives them more time to prepare emotionally.

It’s also important to remind the younger children about the move at least once a day. Mention the exciting times that are ahead and what will stay the same. Reassure them that their favorite toys, the family pets will be coming. Remind them that they will continue any activities (dance, sports, etc.) at their new location.

Here’s How to Navigate the Process of “Saying Goodbye”

Even if you’re in the same city, saying goodbye to your old home is emotional. Allow your children to be sad. It’s okay for them to be upset and it won’t last forever. Experts say it takes about six months for children to entirely acclimate to a new lifestyle.

Consider throwing a “See You Later” party for your kids and their friends. Doing so ensures they don’t miss out on a goodbye with anyone. Plan to get together a week or two before the move. Don’t plan your gathering close to your departure date because that could become a sad scene.

Social media and technology make staying in touch easier than ever. Practice video calls with friends to encourage your children to keep in touch with their existing friends. Share dates with your kids if you plan a return visit to their hometown/neighborhood. This idea can give them something to look forward to.

Make The Transition Process Smooth and Seamless

Once the moving truck is empty, it’s time to start the transition process. Instead of focusing on what needs to be done, help your kids ease into their new environment. For example, plan a special event for your first night in your new home. It could be takeout and a movie or playing board games.

Keeping in touch with family and friends back home in Blacksburg, VA, and beyond can also assist with the transition. Having zoom parties or bedtime stories is vital for helping children adjust. Writing letters and sharing photos can also help them adapt and stay connected.

If you notice your child struggling with the transition, take note of it. Share your concerns with a health care provider and develop a plan for managing the change. As mentioned earlier, relocating is a very emotional time for everyone involved, especially children.

The Huffington Post tells ways to cope with the anxiety and stress of moving.

Focus on the Positives Throughout the Move

If your child takes time to adjust, that is totally fine. Each of us adjusts to new things differently. No matter how long the adjustment process takes, it’s essential to focus on the positives and remain patient, supportive, and proactive. Focus on spending time together and check in on them to see how they adjust. Starting over in a new place is tough, and it’s essential to help and prepare your children through the process.

You also need a quality moving company to help transition your belongings. Having dependable movers can also help the process go smoothly. Your kids will also feel a sense of relief knowing that their things are safe throughout the process. Are you searching for a trustworthy team of movers for your upcoming relocation? If so, consider calling our team of friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate professionals.

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